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 Aquarium Lighting
Description: Lighting ranges from fluorescent bulbs to day-light like bulbs for corals and plants.


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Adam's stocks fluorescent as well as metal halide lighting which is used for reef tanks and freshwater tanks with lots of live plants.

Most aquatic plant, corals and algae need light in the 6500 to 10,00 Kelvin range.  Replace your fluorescent light bulbs every 6-10 months and metal halide's every 18 months.

Use actinic bulbs for coral and invertebrates, especially when using other bulbs below 10,000K.  Actinic bulbs boost regular bulbs and make big difference in photosynthesis.


Tips & Tricks
Mount fluorescent lamps 3 inches off the water surface.

Close to 12 hours of light per day is optimum for fish, plants, and coral.

Routinely clean light exhaust fan covers of dust.  Clean light lenses and reflectors weekly to ensure maximum light delivery.

Increasing growth of bad algae may be due in part to fluorescent bulbs that need to be replaced.


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