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 Aquarium Pumps-Sumps-Filters & Plumbing
Description: Pumps create a flow of water through filtration, tank and sump. 

The sump sits below the tank and holds extra water and filtering equipment.


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Your tank's pump acts like a heart circulating water through the tank then filters and other equipment in the sump and the back to the tank.

Choosing a pump
Adam's can help you choose the right size pump and sump for you tank based on your tank size, filtration system and other factors.

Tips & Tricks
Use a separate pump to drive your protein filter.  This will increase the effectiveness of the filter and keep water flow to your tank higher.

Use a wavemaker with your pump for reef aquariums.  These devices vary the output of your pump to simulate waves in the ocean...learn more


Sump & Overflow

Adam's can help you select the right overflow and sump for your tank.

The overflow (pictured, right) sucks water out of your tank and drops it into filters located in the sump. 

The sump then holds extra water for the tank and can also be home to a protein skimmer or other filtration equipment. 

Pumps located in the sump then send cleaned water back to your tank.

All-in-one Units
Adam's also carries Marineland's Emperor and Penguin lines of bio-wheel power filters.  These units contain the filtration and pump in one unit that hangs off the back of the tank.


Adam's stocks all the filters and related supplies you need to keep your tank's filtration working from filter bags and cartridges to carbon and replacement bio-wheels.


Piping: vinyl or PVC?
The type of pipe you use to deliver water back to your tank affects the amount of water flow.  The more corners and bends, the more gunk in the pipe, the more resistance you get and the less water flow delivered.  Corals, fish and invertebrates need sufficient water flow to carry away wastes and bring in nutrients and food.  Consider vinyl piping or spa-flex PVC.


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