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 Choosing An Aquarium
Description: Aquariums are build mainly using glass or acrylic, while tank bases come in all colors and materials.

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Stop by Adam's to see dozens of tank and stand choices or for one-on-one help choosing your aquarium.

Glass or Acrylic?
Glass tanks remain the standard.  Many include a plastic frame in black or wood tones and have seams sealed with silicone caulk.

Acrylic aquariums are molded as a single piece with few, if any, seams meaning less distortion.  Acrylic is also stronger than glass and doesn't break as easily, however acrylic tanks can scratch easily so extra care is needed. 

Choosing Shape
There are dozens of shapes to choose from including: square, rectangular, hexagonal, triangular and custom.  Choose from flat front, bow front, wave shaped or completely round. 

Choosing Size & Height
The size you need depends on the space available for the tank/stand and on what you plan to put in the tank.  For freshwater tanks the rule is to allow one inch of fish per gallon of water. For saltwater the rule is three inches of fish per square foot of surface area.

Consider two factors when choosing tank height:  The deeper the tank the less light reaching corals and invertebrates...can you reach the bottom of the tank with your arm--you'll have to to clean the tank. 

How Many Fish?
How many fish you can put in your tank depends on the amount of surface area--the area for exchange of oxygen between air and water.  The wider the surface the more fish your tank can hold.

Choosing a Stand
Most tanks stands are shaped like the aquarium their designed to hold and are made from wood or metal.  Choices include: black, oak, birch, cherry, pine, stainless steel and more.


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