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Description: Coral is a marine animal that is composed of tiny fragile animals called coral polyps.


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Adam's stocks a wide selection of corals.

These marine animals need extra care to ensure survival, including: special sun-like lighting, clear and clean water, warm water temperatures and the right balance of salt in the water.

Avoid adding corals to your tank if you already have:  parrotfish, butterfly fish, angelfish, sea slugs, snails, worms and some starfish.

Hard Coral
Hard or stony coral have skeletons made from limestone and look like rock (pictured, left).  They build colonies called coral reefs. 

Hard coral need tiny algae called zooxanthellae to survive.  These zooxanthellae actually live inside the coral polyps and provide 80% or more of the corals nutritional needs as well as the color of the coral. 


Soft Coral
Soft coral have soft skeletons that are bendable and often look like trees or plants (pictured, left). They grow wood-like cores for support.  They don't build coral reefs.




Feeding Coral

Adam's stocks DT's Live Phytoplankton.  This live food provides direct and indirect feeding with a positive effect on water quality.

Phytoplankton are tiny floating marine organisms that are the basis of the ocean food chain.  Many coral reef animals eat plankton including clams, soft corals, stony coral, sponges and feather duster worms.

Oyster Eggs
Adam's stocks DT's Oyster Eggs.  This live food is a highly nutritious zooplankton replacement for coral.

Learn more about coral nutrition on DT's Website:  http://www.dtplankton.com

Grab Cyclop-eeze FreezerBar at Adam's too.  This all natural frozen bar of zooplankton feeds coral and critters a highly nutritious diet that promotes color, growth and overall health.  Just cut or break off a piece and toss in your tank. 

This food can also be used in freshwater tanks...learn more:  http://www.freezerbar.com


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