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 Sand & Live Rock
Description:  Sand comes in dozens of colors and varieties.  For saltwater tanks look for "live sand."

Live rock comes directly from the ocean and is coated with small plants and algae.  It's sold by price per pound.


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Adam's carries several varieties of live sand.

Live sand provides the first building block for your marine tank.  This Aragonite based sand is collected from the ocean near reef areas or from well established aquariums.

Live sand contains worms, bacteria, copepods and other beneficial organisms.  A bed of about 3-6 inches is recommended to help regulate pH in your tank.

Live rock is covered with live bacteria beneficial to the health of your saltwater tank.  The bacteria acts like a natural biological water filter breaking down ammonia and nitrates. 

It's also a great home for fish, invertebrates and coral.  You may also find algae, small clams, feather dusters, crabs and sponges on live rock.

Generally you want anywhere from 1 pound to a maximum of 1.75 pounds per gallon of water in your tank.


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